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About Us

Who are we?

Our website began operation in 2016 to provide you with savings, genuine products and great service.

We supply only non-restricted medications sourced from manufacturers approved by the FDA (food and drugs administration), which is the regulatory body that ensures the safety and efficacy of your drugs.

Our Aim

We will provide you with quality, affordable products. Order your medicines from the comfort of your home, knowing they will have the same high quality as your local pharmacy store but at a more competitive price.

Our quality assurance

We buy our products directly from the manufacturer or a reputable licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler that we trust. You can be very sure that the products you purchase from us will be of top quality!

How do we buy our medication?

We sell medications under their original brand names, and we also sell generic products. Generics are manufactured under the same stringent regulations and must be approved by the FDA. They can be sold at a lower price because the copyright for the original brand has expired.

We never take our products out of their original packaging and put them into different packaging. When you buy medicines from us, they will have their original safety seal and trademark. However, we do sell some products as blister strips, which is clearly indicated in the product description.

Products are packaged differently depending on their country of manufacture, and the packing may not be familiar to you, such as boxes from the UK versus bottles from the US. You can always check the product from its packaging image that we supply on our site so that you know what to expect. You can also enlarge the image to see it more clearly.

Our shipping process

We process and ship all orders we receive from around the world at our South Pacific facility. Here’s how:

  • Orders are processed every day.
  • Most orders will be dispatched within 24 hours of you placing the order, and receipt or acceptance of your payment.
  • We will email a shipping confirmation to the email address provided with your order. The confirmation email will include a track and trace number, if applicable to the shipping method you have chosen.

Please note: Delivery time depends on the shipping method you choose.

Customs and taxes

Each country has independent customs regulations, which may delay your order. The customs department in your country may hold your order for up to 14 days before contacting you and may impose duties and taxes on your order. We do understand the inconvenience this delay could cause, so make sure you order well ahead of when you need your medicine.


Find out more from our Shipping and Returns Policy page.

How to pay

When you have completed your purchase and are ready to check out, you can select the available payment options depending on your country.

  • For US customers – Mail your Check, Deluxe eCheck, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order to our USA PO Box
  • For customers outside the US – American Express or wire payment direct from your bank

More options

You can go to our contacts page and either call us or fill out a contact form. Our helpful staff may be able to assist you with other payment options.

We also have a question and answer page where you may find the answer you need.

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